Owlcam Plus Plan FAQ’s

Why is my camera not working, when I just subscribed?

Currently it can take up to 24 hours for your Owlcam’s SIM card to activate and restoring your 4G-LTE coverage

Why is my camera not working, when I subscribed 1 day ago?

Something may be incorrect with the serial numbers provided thus preventing automated SIM activation. To confirm, follow the below steps.

  1. In order to activate a camera we need to verify the correct serial number
  2. We ask that you check your “Order Confirmation Email” and match the listed serial number against the number shown on the bottom of your camera.
  3. Turn the camera over and look for a labeled number sequence “S/N:xxx-xxx-xxx”
  4. Please email the following to updateserial@owlcam.com Serial Number, Full Name, Email Address, and Phone. This will help us update your subscription and activation.
  5. Again this may take up to 24hrs

Why do I now have to pay for a subscription?

As you may know at this time Owl Cameras Inc is no longer in business and was unable to continue providing service under original purchase terms.

  • CallPass LLC is now providing service and support for the Owlcam cameras
  • New Owlcam Plus Plan’s which include 4G-LTE coverage require an active subscription

I can not access my Owlcam account. How do I recover my account?

To recover your account you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open you Owlcam App
  2. From the Green bar at the bottom select ‘Menu’
  3. Then select the ‘Profile and Recovery’ dropdown tab
    1. If it says setup now, put in your name, number and email address. You will receive verification to the phone number provided as long as that’s the phone number linked to your account.
  4. Input the verification code, once completed your account should be recovered

If these  steps do not work please call customer service so that we can assist you further at (855) 569-5226 or support@owlcam.com

Do you have any discount codes?

At this time we do not have any discount codes.

How do I access my video clips using Wi-Fi only Mode?

To learn how to use Wi-Fi direct connect mode please download these instructions

Owlcam WiFi Direct Connect Instructions

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