Redefining Car Security with Protection Everywhere you Go

No matter where you are see everything from the planned to the unexpected

Owlcam is always recording while driving. Video history can be instantly viewed on your phone from anywhere.

Owlcam safely draws power from the OBD-II port, providing AI surveillance protection and video recording even when the vehicle is parked and off. In a break-in, Owlcam sends a real-time video alert to your phone and instantly stores all of the video evidence in the cloud, even if the camera is stolen (unlike SD cards).

Owlcam’s sophisticated AI surveillance is always on guard. If an impact is detected, you get a video alert to your phone in real-time — even if the vehicle is parked and off. Check-in live anytime to see and hear what’s going on in and around your car.

Capture and share those amazing moments from the road. Every day we witness incredible things from the road. With Owlcam, you can seamlessly video record and share, all with a simple hands-free voice command.

Introducing Presto!

Owlcam’s Unparalleled AI Surveillance & Protection

Presto Detects

Owlcam’s dual cameras and Presto are always on the lookout for unusual activity – even when the car is off and parked. If anything is amiss (a break-in, a ding, a crash, or the neighbor’s cat sitting on your hood), you’ll be instantly notified.


Advanced edge-AI surveillance lets you know what’s going on when, and enables you to act immediately with real-time alerts, live video streaming, and video history.


Owlcam provides real-time safety and protection for drivers, belongings, reputations, and livelihoods. Should an unfortunate accident, bump, or break-in occur Presto makes sure you can always tell your side of the story!


If you love road trips, carpool karaoke, or off-roading in your 4×4 Owlcam’s dual cameras records up to 2 weeks of HD video letting you view and share all your precious memories – bringing friends and families together no matter how far you travel!

“The easiest, classiest, most phone-centric car security camera on the market” – PC World

Protect your car driving and parked with AI anti-theft surveillance, real-time phone alerts, crash reports, and more.

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Safety shouldn’t end at the front door.

Driveways are the next line of defense against thieves and trespassers. Owlcam helps homeowners extend security beyond their front door.

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The best-selling intelligent vehicle security protects drivers and passengers.

Ridesharing, Uber, or Lyft driver? Owlcam protects drivers and passengers and keeps everyone on their best behavior.

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Got teen drivers? Rest easier when they are on the road with Owlcam.

Owlcam provides true peace of mind and protection for your loved ones on the road. Make sure your teen drivers are safe and abiding by road laws.

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Video-based electronic first notice of loss (FNOL). Your independent Witness in the car!

Owlcam revolutionized the claims process by introducing the world’s first and only app-based VFNOL, allowing consumers to prove that an accident was not their fault, resolve claims faster, and save insurers resources.

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The Essential Features for True Vehicle Security and Safety

Car security shouldn’t be limited to a USB powered dashcam that you plug in and turn on every time you get into the car or a dashcam where you have to remove the SD card to download your videos.

Car security needs to provide complete protection at all times, 24/7 coverage while parked and driving.

Owlcam’s advanced car camera security system provides just that and more with its dual live cameras and AI surveillance alerts it is always on and ready to ensure that your car and what’s inside it from family, friends, to valuables they are always protected.

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4G LTE Connectivity

Best-in-class, zero-latency, 4G LTE connection built right into the camera.

AI Surveillance & Alerts

Detects unsafe or risky activity — even when the car is parked and off.

Live View Video

Stream HD Video Live from your Owlcam to your phone.


Event-triggered anit-theft in cabin floodlights and recording and street view warning beacon.

Two-Way Talk

Listen to live audio and communicate with passengers through the Owlcam from your phone.

Voice Tagging

See something, say something. Bookmark titles and clips hands-free while driving by saying "Hey Presto"

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