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The camera never lies. Which is more than you can say for that guy who just ran the intersection.



People tend to be on their best behavior when they know a camera is rolling.



Nothing says “Go Away” quite like a blinking camera mounted on your dashboard.



A guy doing donuts on the highway? A streaker? A double rainbow? Catch it all with Owl.

85% of drivers want video the next time

Survey of 2000 drivers

always on car off

Always on,

even when your car is off

Whether you are driving or parked, Owl is on—it never needs to go to bed, never needs a bathroom break and is always on the job. Studies show that security cameras decrease break-ins, because thieves simply don’t like to be on camera. i

Instant video alerts

Instant video alerts

to your phone

If anything is amiss (a break-in, a ding, a crash, some biker dude sitting on your hood) the Owl Car Cam senses the activity, and sends instant video alerts to your phone.

Instant video alerts
Live view of your car

Live view of your car

from anywhere

What’s your car up to? Resting comfortably in a quiet parking spot? Or in the middle of a high speed joy ride by the valet guy? Stream live video to your phone wherever you are.

Internet connected

Internet connected

like your phone

With our Owl LTE service, your Owl Car Cam is connected 24/7 via fast reliable internet. Without the LTE service you can still use the Owl Cam App to access and share videos from your Owl Car Cam.

Internet connected


video record

Never miss a moment again, Owl provides 24-hour storage for video and alerts so you can go back in time to see what happened in or around your car.

See it, say it,

See it, say it,

share it

Just say "OK Presto" to send a clip right to your phone. You’ll instantly have access in the Owl Cam App where you can easily edit and share.

See it, say it,
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Super easy set up

Owl is up and running in minutes
in just a few simple steps.

WATCH play button VIDEO
car security dash

Small but Powerful.

Owl packs a lot into a small package. See what makes Owl the most powerful security camera and service you can buy.


Blends beautifully with its habitat.

Owl looks beautiful in your car. Every detail of the design blends in with its surroundings, with mounting and cables discreetly tucked out of the way.

Video where the action is.

Owl has taken everything amazing about the world’s best smart home security systems and brought that to your car.

Home Video Action
House Security Camera Wheels house chimney smoke
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Best Camera + Best Service

Best camera, best service.

Owl Car Cam
  • Inside and outside facing HD cameras
  • 24-hour video record, always-powered
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS
  • Voice capture and naming
  • Touchscreen and anti-theft floodlights
  • iOS only, supports cars after 1996
Owl LTE Service
  • 24 hour secure connection between your phone and camera
  • Instant video alerts and live view to your phone
  • 60 clips or 60 minutes of Live/24 each month via LTE

Owl Car Cam + Owl LTE Service

owl camera product

Bundle Includes:

Owl Car Cam 
  • Unlimited secure access and control of your video over WiFi
  • For iPhone with iOS 11 or later
Owl LTE Service for one year 
  • Up to 60 mins of Live/24 or 60 tags each month over LTE from anywhere
  • Additional data available as in-app purchase ($10 for 60/60)


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we're easy to get a hold of
Owl support and suggestions

Call us anytime,

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