Ex-iPod director launches LTE-connected Owl security camera for your car

By February 6, 2018August 7th, 2020Press

Home security cameras have been made way easier to access with HomeKit solutions like D-Link Omna and Logitech Circle 2, but deploying an always-on video stream from your car is a harder problem to solve. Owl is a new startup founded by an iPod veteran that’s looking to change that with its new Owl Car Cam.

Owl Car Cam is a straightforward product with potential to be quite useful: it features front facing and rear facing video cameras for viewing both inside and outside of your car from Owl’s mobile app, and the camera itself is always connected via AT&T LTE.

The camera connects to the onboard diagnostics port for power, which makes it compatible with cars introduced since the mid-90s. Owl Car Cam features 1440p/720p video capture with 480p live streaming supported and 4MP cameras onboard. Users can access up to 24 hours of video footage from Owl’s companion app.



Source: 9TO5MAC
Author: Zac Hall