Meet OwlCam: A $349 Dropcam with LTE Connection For Your Car

By July 23, 2018August 7th, 2020Press

A few weeks back at CE Week, I saw a few cool things there.  One of them was the Owl Cam Car: a new take on dashboard camera for your car.  The company is led by Andy Hodge was product lead for the iPod at Apple and then worked at Dropcam before creating this product/service. 

This is a 2.5inch touchscreen display w/ a camera facing the road & other facing you.  The front camera records video at 1440p capable of a 1080p image and the rear records at 720p.  It is even armed w/ LED flood lights to scare off those breaking in as well as scream at them via Owl’s app.  It connects via your vehicle’s OBD port and comes w/ a tool to hide the cable underneath the dashboard.

For you privacy enthusiasts, it is a 2-way connection between the camera & your phone as the Owl company has no access to your footage.  Having an LTE connection, you can backup key moments to their cloud service for 24 hours as well.


Source: PC World
Author: Roderick Scott