Owl Camera Watches Your Car Inside and Out

By August 3, 2018August 7th, 2020Press

Dashboard cameras can provide an invaluable record of what happens in or around your vehicle, but many have inherent problems. The Owl Car Cam overcomes most of these problems thanks to a combination of its dual cameras and always-on cellular connectivity. Other dashboard cameras record their data locally, so damage or theft of the camera itself means loss of any footage it captured – the Owl camera uploads video on-the-fly using the AT&T 4G network across the USA, ensuring that data is never lost. If someone does break in and steals the Owl Car Cam, the user gets a thief selfie and a replacement camera.

The Owl Car Camera has two HD cameras, one facing out from the dashboard and the second recording the interior of the car. As long as the car is on, the cameras are recording and video is kept for up to 14 days (based on how much you drive). The Owl unit has a small screen to monitor the live feed of what the cameras see, putting everyone in and around the car on notice that they are being recorded.


Source: Geek Dad