Owl Car Cam Adds Android Support, Enhances Security Features

By August 15, 2018August 7th, 2020Press

When dash cams first started appearing they had one purpose: record video while you drive and keep it as a record in case there’s an accident. More recently, dash cams are getting smarter to the point where they can even remember bad drivers and alert you when they appear on the road. The Owl Car Cam takes vehicle monitoring to the next level using two cameras, and it just received a major update adding new features and support for Android.

Owl differentiates itself by embedding two HD cameras in a single, dash mounted unit. That way both what’s going on outside your car and inside can be recorded at the same time. The stored video is on a 14 day loop and that length of time is important because Owl is “always on.” 


Source: PC Magazine
Author: Matthew Humphries