Owl is a smart dashcam that lets you give thieves their marching orders

By February 9, 2018August 7th, 2020Press

There are few things in this world more terrifying than being stared out by an owl. This is a fact. It makes sense, then, that a smart security camera for your car that’s designed to warn off nefarious types is named after the aforementioned nocturnal bird of prey. It’s an ambitious device, too. There’s a 4MP camera facing the road in front of you that records 720P footage. So far, so dashcam. But you have another 120-degree 4MP snapper pointing inside the car, which shoots at 1440P and, thanks to an LTE chip, is always recording what’s going on. Owl stores up to 24 hours of footage at a time before overwriting, but you’re able to save clips using your voice. It can notify you via an alert when someone suspicious approaches your vacant vehicle, at which point you can step in and tell them to do one. It’s not all about security though. The front-facing camera just so happens to be perfectly positioned for filming your very own episode of Carpool Karaoke. ABBA, anyone? The Owl Car Cam is on sale in the US for $349. Finger crossed a UK version swoops its way across the pond soon.


Source: Spectrum News