Owlcam bets the dash cam is the new frontier in machine learning

By June 28, 2019October 4th, 2022Press

Sooner or later, everyone working in applied forms of machine learning goes after a use case that is going to yield tons of data, examples off of which to train a neural network.

It’s the data, many believe, that very often is the biggest deciding factor in making a network useful.

That’s the premise of Owlcam, a Palo Alto-based startup that sells a $349 camera for your car dashboard. It has been able to gather millions of videos from its users to refine its ability to detect crashes, to know when to capture video that can be used to handle insurance claims, or to detect an intruder to potentially solve car theft.

The product, in other words, is the young company’s entrée into a big problem where there’s lots to learn.

“Many people talk about doing machine learning, but with very little validation,” says co-founder and CEO Andy Hodge. “You need large amounts of data, but you also need ground truth.”


Source: ZDNET