Owl’s web-connected, voice-activated dashcam looks pretty sweet

By February 4, 2018August 7th, 2020Press

Dashboard cameras are a great way to protect yourself with video evidence from all sorts of trouble while driving — everything from fender benders to insurance fraud and more. They can also be fun when you capture something random happening on the road.

Silicon Valley startup Owl thinks they can improve the dashcam with its new Owl car camera. Into the compact truncated wedge, Owl has crammed two cameras, voice control and web connectivity. The result is a dashcam with a built-in security system and video sharing platform.

Owl car camera

 The unit features dual cameras: one 1440p cam pointed forward out of the windshield and a second 720p camera aimed into the cabin. That interior camera lives beside a small 2.4-inch screen that displays a duplexed view of the two cameras, but can be swiped with a finger to toggle between the views.

Like any good dashcam, the Owl features an accelerometer that can detect shocks and bumps and triggers an automatic recording of a 20-30 second video clip of the event.


Source: C | NET