Smartest And Most Connected Dash Camera? Owl Car Cam

By February 9, 2018August 7th, 2020Press

I am obsessed with dashboard car cameras. I have a camera in every car I own and love the peace of mind they provide should something go awry. Dashcams have provided me with some entertaining videos and have also helped to keep a dishonest person honest during a fender bender. After trying several brands of dashcams I have been loyal to BlackVue for the last 5+ years. The BlackVue cameras are made in Korea, they are high quality, and have rarely failed me. Most dashboard camera brands, who will not be named here today, have let me down in several ways. The front windshield is a tough place for electronics to live and summer temperatures often get hot enough to cook an egg.

Enough of that, on to the Owl Car Cam ($349). Outside of the obvious things we expect in a vehicle camera (wide viewing angles, crystal clear videos day-and-night, reliability, etc…), what makes the Owl Car Cam different? First off, it is LTE connected which helps with a few neat tricks. Owl Cam users can send clips to the cloud for storage and sharing, they can remotely view their car via the Owl Cam App (inside and outside views I assume), and can have an image or clip sent to them when a break-in or impact occurs. Don’t quote me on the “image or clip” part as it isn’t totally clear on the Owl website which says “Break-in performance: Rapid upload of images upon impact. Video clip follows”. Is the video clip sent to the cloud or just recorded locally? Hopefully the bad guy doesn’t rip the camera off the mount before said pics/videos are uploaded to the cloud. The Owl Cam does have a bright green blinking LED that should act as a pretty good deterrent. There are also two bright LEDs that face inside the car and light-up upon a break-in. I have read all of the website information and watched the product videos but can’t figure how a “break-in” is determined by the Owl Cam. Will update on that if I figure it out. I have one on order. Patiently waiting.


Source: Gadget King
Author:  Russ