Startup Owl Is Taking Dashcams To The Next Level With Voice Control, LTE Connectivity

By February 9, 2018August 7th, 2020Press

Startup firm Owl has launched a new dashcam that not only records footages but also doubles as a trusty security device with built-in LTE connectivity and voice control.

In fact, Owl is selling its product as the first fully functional security camera that offers security protection in a number of possible scenarios. When installed on a car windshield, the Owl camera functions as the driver’s third eye that is always on the watch and ready to record crucial moments or even fend off would-be thieves.

The device never blinks, and users will have access to the dashcam 24/7 when paired with their mobile phones, a feature that applies both for iOS and Android handsets.

“Owl never turns itself off, never goes to sleep, and never needs a bathroom break. It’s always on, always on the lookout, whether you’re driving or not,” the Silicon Valley startup said on its official site.


Source: Tech Times
Author: Erik Pineda