Owl Car Cam can dial 911 if you’re in a crash

By November 19, 2018August 7th, 2020Press

Owl Car Cam, the $349 security device, is adding a new feature to its services: Automatic Crash Response. If the dashc am detects the car has been in an accident, Owl asks if everyone in the car is okay through the intercom on the device, contacting the driver’s phone. If not, the Owl device will place a call to live agents, which the driver can cancel through the Owl screen, who will then reach out to 911 for emergency help.

“The results speak for themselves – we’ve empowered thousands with Instant Video protection to avoid unfair blame in crashes and the ability to do something about break-ins,” said Owl founder and CEO Andy Hodge. “Now with our new Automatic Crash Response, Owl gives people the peace of mind of having live agents on call and ready to help in case of a crash.”


Source: GearBrain
Author: GearBrain Editorial Team