Tech gift guide 2018: This year’s hottest gifts for gadget lovers

By November 19, 2018August 7th, 2020Press

Owl Dash Cam ($349)
If you know someone that does a lot of driving or is concerned about where they park their car, a dash cam can be the perfect gift for them. The Owl Cam is a bit different than most dash cams because not only does it record while driving, but it can also capture events while the car is parked. It features both front and back-facing cameras and built-in 4G LTE connection so video can be viewed and alert notifications can be sent even when you are away from the vehicle. Pick one up for yourself and maybe the Owl Cam will pay for itself once you catch that person denting your door or in the event of a future break-in.


Source: ABC7 LA
Author:Danny Mavromatis