The Future Is Now: “Now smart cameras can automatically recognize events and…

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Everyone deserves to have a self-protecting car. Way too many people are hurt around cars, pay for things that aren’t their fault, or find their car was broken into or dented while they’re away from the car. We’re here to give people tools to be more aware, encourage better driving, save lives & money, stop fraud, make insurance claims faster…. and, along the way, help people catch and share the fun moments that happens in or around their cars.

As part of my series about “Bleeding edge” technological breakthroughs that seem copied from science fiction, I had the pleasure of interviewing Andy Hodge, CEO of Owl Cam. Andy helped drive the first generation iPhone and 20+ generations of iPod as a product development leader at Apple. He then led development of the augmented reality headset as GM of Hololens at Microsoft. He was then VP of Hardware Engineering & Strategy at Dropcam until its acquisition by Nest/Google. Andy founded Owl in his Palo Alto garage in late 2016.

Source: Medium
Author: Fotis Georgiadis